hingomPOS v1.2.0 Released

This installation file runs on Windows 10 or later. If you have an existing version, you do not need to delete it, just install it.

Protected: hingomPOS v1.2.5 Released

hingomPOS-1.2.5-restaurantDownload hingomPOS-1.2.5-mini_martDownload 19-11-2019 22:15

Protected: hingomPOS v1.2.0 Released

hingomPOS-1.2.0-restaurantDownload hingomPOS-1.2.0-mini_martDownload 18-09-2019 22:15

Protected: hingomPOS v1.1.6 Released

hingomPOS-1.1.6-mini_martDownload 16-Mar-2019 16:20

Protected: hingomPOS v1.1.5 Released

hingomPOS-1.1.5-mini_martDownload 3-Mar-2019 18:45

Protected: hingomPOS v1.1.4 Released

hingomPOS-1.1.4-mini_martDownload 21-Feb-2019 23:00