Sales Collection and Analysis Solution via Cloud

With hingomWave, experience efficient item sales management, stock management, customer management and intellectual sales management


Simple POS S/W

Via POS Software that supports sales analysis server link feature, check out simple sales management at restaurants, cafes, retail stores, etc. and various reports.

Current Sales Status Mobile Application Support

You can check the current sales status of various shops with Android and iOS Application anywhere at anytime, and you can check the status of orders on shops real-time.

Sales Analysis Support

Not only you can check the current sales status, you can check all statuses of the store, like abnormal trade detection, POS status analysis, etc., from anywhere at anytime,

Server Interface API Support

We provide Agent Software and link API which allows you to link POS or sales management computer system to send sales information to analysis server.


hingomWave is a solution that collects and analyze sales information.

"hingomWave links to POS that has sales report feature (hingomPOS) to collect sales data. Also, via API linkage, it links to various applications that executes sales report to collect and analyze all data occurring in your shop."

hingomWave provides various analysis features, like: current POS operation status and sales status, daily/monthly sales statistics, staff management, sales development statistics, amount of order analysis, etc.

It also provides abnormal business analysis feature that supports sales comparison to previous month or year, pattern detection like increase in order cancellation or sales omission, etc.

You can register affiliate stores and monitor POS instalment and operation status to analyze the cause of failure if any error occurs.


hingomPOS is a simple POS Software for Small Businesses

himgomPOS is simple to use, Windows--based sales management POS software good to be used on restaurants, retail stores, cafés, etc.
It links to hingomWave and transmits real-time sales information

hingomPOS provides POS features like item sales management, item management, stock management, customer management, etc. to shops like restaurants, retail stores, etc.

hingomPOS supports English, Lao, Thai, Korean, and it is designed for languages to be easily added with language characteristics in consideration.

It supports payment by different currencies, such as USD, Euro, BATT, KIP, etc.

Various statistical reports such as Top 10 per customer, per sales by employee, and per product are provided.

It is easy to install and supports automatic update, so the customers do not need to worry about maintenance of S/W.


hingomApp is an mobile app that can be linked with hingomWave to browse all sales information of all stores.

With the account registered via hingomWave, you can check sales information of all your stores via hingomApp.

You may check sales information by stores you own, and check the payment record made by your customers.

On dashboard, you can check the change in sales by day as graph, and check the status of POS.

hingomApp supports Android and iOS